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Aug 31, 2018

Autumn menu at the Restaurant L'AUBERGE

Starters :

Duck foie gras half-cooked, garnish around the fig, grilled homemade brioche and caramel with port wine 16,00 €

Hot pumpkin soup, parmesan cream and ravioli with beef tail 7.50 €

Sliced ​​tuna marinated with a grilled peanut oil 'Huilerie Leblanc', grated beets and Balsamic vinegar 14,00 €

Fricassee of chicken livers flambéed with cognac and slices of duck breast smoked on mixed salads 9,50 €


M a i n   c o u r s e s  :

Scallops, ceps and bacon, crushed apples with parsley and sauce with porcini mushrooms and shallot 25,00 €

Risotto with saffron and shellfish, fillet of red mullet and broccoli 14,50 €

Doe tournedos with red wine sauce, puree of celery root and cabbage stuffed with wild mushrooms 22,00 €

Fresh fried frogs with butter, garlic and parsley (serving 250 grams)     25,00 €     On order or according to supply

Chicken of Bresse with cream and morels, pancakes Parmentier     25,00 €


Cheeses        5,00 €

Dessert à la carte       7,00 €


I create my menu :

  Starter + main course =   dessert  is  1 €


Starter + 2 main courses = the second dish is – 50 %*,   dessert  is  1 €

* the lowest rate gets the 50 % reduction