News of our hotel restaurant near Bourg en Bresse in Ain (01)

News of the Auberge Bressane of Buellas

salle de L'Auberge salle de L'Auberge

Menu at the Restaurant L'Auberge

Starters :

Fresh soup of the day € 14.00

Duck foie gras with home-made garniture € 16.00

Salads : -The Bresse… …Chicken livers flambéed with cognac and slices of duck breast smoked 9,50 €

-The South… …Grilled vegetables and goat cheese marinated in olive oil 7,50 €

M a i n   c o u r s e s  :

Vegetarian risotto: Served creamy with mascarpone…… € 14.50

Fish, depending on availability… …€ 24.00

Meat of the moment… … 22.00 €€

Fresh fried frogs with butter, garlic and parsley (serving 250 grams)     25,00 €   On order

Chicken of Bresse with cream and morels, pancakes Parmentier     25,00 €


Cheeses        5,00 €


Dessert à la carte       7,00 €


I create my menu :

Starter + main course =   dessert  is  1 €


Starter + 2 main courses = the second dish is – 50 %*,   dessert  is  1 €

* the lowest rate gets the 50 % reduction

May 13, 2020
table à l'INTIMISTE table à L'INTIMISTE

Season Menu at the Restaurant L'INTIMISTE

Here is the new version of the restaurant L'INTIMISTE:

Christophe selects a product that he declines in his menu of the moment. Depending on the season, the desire, the arrival, you will taste tomato, artichoke, asparagus, morel, spinach ... A thousand associations are possible: monkfish, langoustine, veal ... Just for the happiness of the taste buds!

To honor all these simple and authentic products, the menu of the restaurant is renewed every fortnight.

Intimate menu: appetizer, starter, main course, cheese, dessert, sweets ... ... 55,00 euros

On reservation 72 hours in advance 'Breton lobster menu': lobster appetizer, lobster entree, lobster dish, cheese, dessert, sweets ... ... 65,00 euros

Friday midday : appetizer, dish proposed by Christophe, dessert, sweets, glass of wine ... ... 38,00 euros

Apr 30, 2019