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table à l'INTIMISTE table à L'INTIMISTE

Season Menu at the Restaurant L'INTIMISTE

Here is the new version of the restaurant L'INTIMISTE:

Christophe selects a product that he declines in his menu of the moment. Depending on the season, the desire, the arrival, you will taste tomato, artichoke, asparagus, morel, spinach ... A thousand associations are possible: monkfish, langoustine, veal ... Just for the happiness of the taste buds!

To honor all these simple and authentic products, the menu of the restaurant is renewed every fortnight.

Intimate menu: appetizer, starter, main course, cheese, dessert, sweets ... ... 55,00 euros

On reservation 72 hours in advance 'Breton lobster menu': lobster appetizer, lobster entree, lobster dish, cheese, dessert, sweets ... ... 65,00 euros

Friday midday : appetizer, dish proposed by Christophe, dessert, sweets, glass of wine ... ... 38,00 euros

May 2, 2019
table à l'Auberge table à l'Auberge

Sring Menu at the restaurant L'AUBERGE (the Inn)

S t a r t e r s   :

Duck foie gras, toasted brioche, apricot marmalade - honey & rosemary, dried apricot chutney and muscat 16,00 €

Rollmops of sardine fillets with black olive, cold ricotta-basil cucumber soup 7.50 €

Zucchini 'violin' raw, eggplant caviar, Breton lobster donut, crustacean vinaigrette 14,00 €

Fricassee of chicken livers flambéed with cognac and slices of duck breast smoked on mixed salads 9,00 €

M a i n   c o u r s e s  :

Bar fillet, pasta 'home' with spinach, chanterelle mushrooms and crayfish sauce 24,00 €

Risotto Arborio with tomato, smoked red tuna warmed with marjoram oil 14,50 €

T-bone of lamb 'France origin' roasted, mashed coconut beans with peppers, ris of lamb and thyme juice 22.00 €

Fresh fried frogs with butter, garlic and parsley (serving 250 grams)     25,00 €     On order or according to supply

Chicken of Bresse with cream and morels, pancakes Parmentier     25,00 €


Cheeses        5,00 €


Dessert à la carte       7,00 €


Les menus...

Starter + main course =   dessert  is  1 €


Starter + 2 main courses = the second dish is - 50 %*,   dessert  is  1 €

* the lowest rate gets the 50 % reduction

May 26, 2018